Airport Security Guards & Services

Typical services may include:

  • Boarding services (pre- and post- flight)
  • Aircraft security
  • Aircraft access control
  • Ramp security
  • Inspection of hold and exterior areas
  • Securing of pre-boarding aircraft cabin
  • Inspection of duty-free seal
  • Catering security
  • Security of cargo warehouse
  • Cargo escort services
  • Searches
  • Breach response
  • Document verification
  • Passenger screening
  • Parking lot security
  • Traffic control
  • Vehicle and foot patrols

Metro Security Forces provides specialized transportation security services to port and airport authorities, select airlines, and the federal government.  Our services include: security screening of passenger and baggage, airport employees, and cargo; access control; patrol services; aircraft protection; and vehicle and personnel escort.

Our proven system incorporates accountability at multiple levels to ensure air service security is not compromised.