Typical school and college campus security guard duties include:

  • Armed and unarmed onsite security
  • Randomized patrol
  • Dedicated vehicle patrol
  •  Onsite foot patrol
  • Onsite bike patrol
  • Parking security and enforcement
  • Building safety programs
  •  Crime prevention programming
  • Risk management and assessments
  •  Physical security
  • Crisis planning and response
  • Emergency response
  • 24- hour standby response service

Are you prepared for all security risk at your school or college campus?

Our highest priority is the safety and security of our community – students, staff, faculty and visitors.   Our primary objective at Metro Security Forces is to support the goals of our clients.  We are a value added resource to support the mission of higher education communities.   Metro Security Forces provides tailored programs to meet the diverse social, cultural and academic values specific to the needs of each institution.   Our management team works closely with clients in the development of client-specific safety and security that meets the needs of the institution.

We are a value-added resource that supports in helping colleges and universities meet their specific diverse social, cultural, and academic missions.