Doorman and Concierge Security

Metro Security Forces provides professionally-trained security officers for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for up-scale residential buildings and communities. While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our concierges and doormen also take every opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life.  Doormen are dependable, congenial and attentive, serving as the first and last contact for every individual entering and exiting your premises.

Metro Security not only monitor guest traffic and enforce residential conduct codes, but can also assist with receiving packages, hailing cabs, assist with medical emergency, notifying maintenance of burnt-out light bulbs in stairwells and other personal services.  Each of our professionals undergoes criminal-record checks and drug screening, and has a confirmed employment history.

These dual services result in residences that are not only safe and secure, but also well maintained.  The service we provide can be summed up in these words: We make residents feel like first class guests in their own home.  If you are interested in concierge and doorman services, you should know that we provide top quality guards that have the qualifications your facility needs.

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