Financial Bank Security Guards & Services

Typical security guard duties (not limited to these)

  • Deter crime via high visibility
  • Patrol interior and exterior of facility
  • Observe and report suspicious activity
  • Provide escort services for high value movements
  • Directional support to bank visitors
  • Assist with opening and closing of facility
  • Escort bank employees safely to their vehicles

In today’s dangerous world, if you manage an institution that handles financial services, you are aware of the concern for security.  Security plays a vital role behind the success of your facility.   A vigorous security plan is a wise investment and an absolute necessity.  Metro Security Forces provides financial banking security guards and patrol services for hire who keep order, protect your property, enforce regulations, and ensure the safety of employees and customers.

We recognize that security needs can vary widely in the world of finances.  Whether your bank is in a high rise, a local branch office, or the headquarters of financial operations, Metro Security Forces will work with you to customize a security plan that work for your site.