Fire Watch Services

Typical fire watch security guard duties include:

• Access Control
• Armed Security
• Daily Activity Log
• Evacuation Plan
• Identify Fire Hazards
• Identify Safety Hazards
• Identify Property Hazards
• Perform Periodic Patrol of facility
• ScanGuard System

When your sprinkler system doesn’t work or the water is shut off for repair, you might need a fire watch security guard and most of the time; your insurance will pay for this so due to the fact that it poses as a seriously high liability risk for injuries in a fire were to break out.

This service typically include construction companies and builders, property developers, and property owners.  It usually relates to work being performed at construction sites or the renovation of offices, manufacturing sites, distributions centers, and other facilities.   The continued use and occupancy of any structure or business is dependent on all installed fire protection systems being maintained in an operational mode.

At the beginning of a site analyst, we conduct a walk-through with the client, establishing the patrol area and property under our care. In accordance with best practices and state laws, we provide documentation of all patrolled areas.  We remain on site until the Fire Marshall has inspected and approved the installed fire protection system.  At which time, we are typically released from the assignment.