Retail Security

Typical security guard duties (not limited to these)

  • Front of house protection
  • Visual deterrence
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Loss prevention
  • Stock retention

Our Retail Security services are custom tailored to each client.  Guards are available to you as a great solution, in the form of a store detective or as your front of store presence meaning they are the first and last thing your customers see.  Metro Security Forces can provide armed or unarmed security guards to protect your storefront – whether its entry/exit points, inventory loss prevention, or employee safety, we can prepare a plan that will work for your business.

Retail crime has increased over the past 10 years, there’s never been a more important time to get the protection you need and invest in long term security officers for your premises.  Created to cut your financial losses due to crimes such as shoplifting and vandalism, by implementing static retail guards you will no longer be seen as an easy target.

Get in touch with Metro Security Forces today and speak to our dedicated retail security specialist.  With years of industry experience and the knowledge required to make your store a safer and more profitable place, there are endless reasons you can rely on a name like Metro Security Forces.  Don’t delay another minute, pick up the phone now or request a quote and we’ll take the simple steps towards a safer and more controlled retail environment for your business, staff and customers.